Why Outsourcing Your Press Releases Is Smart

Why Outsourcing Your Press Releases Is Smart

A concise and well-written press release can do wonders for communicating a company’s message to targeted stakeholders. For its intended purpose, nothing is as effective as a strong press release for related company news, publishing sales figures, or even introducing a new company executive who just came on board. In the end, however, the effectiveness of any press release boils down to who writes it.

My company, Connotations, specialises in producing professionally written content, and I firmly believe in the value of outsourcing press release writing. Yes, part of this belief rests on the fact that my company offers a press release writing service . But it’s more about the reality of how difficult it is to effectively communicate via press releases.

A press release is a very specific kind of document intended to accomplish a very specific task. One that is not well-written to purpose is one that will not reach its maximum potential. Therefore, how a press release is written is critical. I believe it really is a job best left to professionals.

Unless you have a professional writer on your staff, outsourcing your press releases is a better choice than doing things in-house. Here are three reasons demonstrating why I think this is so:

1. Professionals Know How to Generate Focus

The one thing a company cannot afford in its press releases is a lack of focus. A reader preparing to read a press release is going into it expecting information that is clearly presented in a way that is articulate and concise. Any press release that lacks focus will not offer the kind of presentation readers are looking for. On the other hand, professional press release writers know how to generate focus with the right kinds of words, proper sentence structure, and a logical flow of thought. This is the kind of writing you need for an effective press release.

2. Time Is Money For Any Company

Asking an employee to write a press release when writing is not typically part of his or her job is asking that individual to spend time doing something that takes away from other tasks. Remember that time is money for any company. The time spent writing and rewriting press releases is time that is not being invested where it should be. By outsourcing press release writing, a company is not wasting time on the task.

3. Services Go Beyond Writing

In the online era, press releases serve a secondary purpose of helping to improve a company’s search engine performance. But for that purpose to be realised, press releases have to be structured according to SEO standards. These are standards professionals are already familiar with; these are standards an in-house writer may know nothing about.

Outsourcing your press release writing is a better option than handling things in-house – unless your company has a professional writer on staff. Otherwise, outsourcing saves time, results in focused messaging, and improves SEO performance all at the same time.

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