5 Great Reasons for Writing a Case Study

5 Great Reasons for Writing a Case Study

Case studies have been around for several decades now. Just within the last few years, though, they have emerged as a reliable marketing tool companies can use to reach customers that are not easily reached through other marketing methods. Case studies have proven especially effective for B2B marketing.

Whether your company has an in-house writer or you hire a firm such as mine at Connotations, there are five great reasons for writing case studies. All five are listed below, along with brief explanations to help you understand the power of the case study as a marketing tool.

1. You Have a Disruptive Product or Service

Market disruption has proven to be a very effective way to compete in business without having a well-known brand or name recognition to work with. But in order to demonstrate your company is a disruptor, you need something that will catch the attention of potential customers. A case study is a perfect tool.

The case study lays out some kind of problem or requirement your customers have. It then gives you the opportunity to explain why your product or service is the answer. If your product or service is disruptive enough, the case study can point that out by comparing what you offer against what the competition offers.

2. Advertising Doesn’t Work for Your Business

There are some industries that do not see any tangible results from traditional advertising on television or in print media. Take white label e-cigarette manufacturing as an example. It would not do a white label manufacturer any good to buy TV time because their clients don’t rely on TV adverts to find products. A case study is a perfect alternative. The manufacturer could write a study that demonstrates how its white label products are superior to the competition, then send it out to every e-cigarette company that purchases white label products.

3. Your Company Is Building a Strategic Service

Imagine your company is a technology company that provides server migration services. You offer a strategic service that is limited to a small number of firms with the knowledge and expertise to do what you do. A case study can serve to explain server migration to potential clients who may not otherwise understand what it is, thus drumming up new business at the same time.

4. You Need to Clear the Air

Let’s face it, there are times when unforeseen circumstances could give your company a bad reputation. Whether it’s deserved or not, a well-written case study with verifiable data can clear the air and begin the process of restoring that reputation. Case studies are, by nature, authoritative documents that present your company in the best possible light.

5. You Have a Major Accomplishment to Share

Imagine your company has a major accomplishment that needs to be shared with your customers. One vehicle for doing so is the press release. However, sometimes the case study is a better option because it affords a lot more detail. Using a case study to share news of a major accomplishment gives you the opportunity to let others know what your company did while at the same time promoting the solutions and services you offer.

These five reasons for writing case studies should give you a good idea of how compelling the case study can be as a marketing tool.

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